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anita, cheri, miguel, and jake went bowling one night for fun they decided to pit the girls against the boys, with the highest score for each team winning.

anita scored 18 less than miguel, cheri's score was 16 less than twice anita's, cheri outscored jake by 21.

if the total score by all four kids was 529, what was the final scores of the match?

M (Miguel) = M
A (Anita) = M - 18
C (Cheri)= 2(M - 18) - 16
J (Jake) = [2(M - 18) - 16] -21
529 = M+(M-18)+[2(M-18)-16]+[2(M-18)-16-21]
529 = 6M + 143
M = 112
A = 94
C = 172
J = 151

  • pre algebra -

    where does the 143 come from???

  • pre algebra -

    I believe that the 143 is a mistake. It should be -127.

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