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social studies 10

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we have an assignment that we have to write what would happen if in Yellowknife would be a gold rush in 2007...
i don't know that to do, because i cannot really know, im new to canada...
plz help

Gold Rushes bring a lot of people that are looking for a qucik buck, many of these folks are not interested in planning for a long term community (schools, hospitals, parks) nor or they much interested in obeying laws or environmental issues. Use your imagination to think about how this self-serving greed would affect Yellowknife.

Please read these sites about Yellowknife and the Yukon Gold Rush. Then imagine what Yellowknife would be like if more gold was found near this city this year. Would there be a lot of strangers? Where would they live? What kinds of businesses would be started to help these gold miners? What other changes would come to Yellowknife?,_Northwest_Territories

help with test next block

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