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the sum of a the digits in a two digit # is 11. if the digits are reversed, the new # is 45 more than the original #. What is this # !!! i need help

AB is the two digit number

10B + A= 10A + B - 45


Ok, first.

You would first bring both sides of the equation to only one side. Combining the like terms. (A's goes with A's, B's go with B's, Etc).

So, considering it wont matter which way you put it, so lets say we did the left side.

Heres what it would like.

10B + A = 10A + B - 45

You would bring the 10A to the A on the left side. And since its positive on the right side you would have to do the opposite and subtract the 10A.

Heres what it would look like.

10B - 9A = B - 45

The reason why 9A is there is because when you subtract 1OA from 1A its like a regular math:

- 1

And so, that is the reason why you get the amount -9A.

Next, you would put the B to the other side as well.

Heres how it would look using the same way as to get the 10A over there.

9B - 9A = - 45

Remember, NEVER to drop out the - sign on the right side. It shows the number is a negative and without it your equation will be wrong.

If i can remember right, that's all you can do for basic algebra.

I hope that helped you out.


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