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Which action would result in more (financially) valuable product: taking one proton from each nucleus in a sample of gold or adding one proton to each gold necleus? Explain
(ignore the role of elections on the atom)

Make the protons add up.
79Au ==> 1p + zzW
Calculate zz, then look on the periodic table to determine the element W.

Same procedure for adding one but put the proton on the left.

Post your work if you get stuck.

79Au ==> 1p + 78Pt (Platinum)

Is that right??

yes. Now
79Au + 1p ==> zzT
identify zz and T the same way.
Then you must decide if Pt or element T is the more valuable.

oh ok thank you.

79Au +1p ==> 80Hg (Mercury)

Pt is more valuable

Correct, again!

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