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Probability help!?

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I have a bag of 20 m&m's. 6 are red; 7 are blue; 4 are green; 3 are yellow. if I took one out, what is the probability of picking yellow??? Help. t.y.

Pr yellow= waystogetyellow/total= 3/20

Is there a way to illustrate this? thank you. (for some reason, I am having a hard time with this.) I am in the 5th grade.

Whichever color you are seeking, its probability the number of candies of that color divided by the total number of candies.

Yellow = 3/20 = 15%
Red = 6/20 = 30%
Blue = 7/20 = 35%
Green = 4/20 = 20%

If the calculations are right, they all should add up to 100%.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

i realy need help in my math .

  • Probability help!? -

    Mario had 9 green,8 red,10 brown,6 Orange,and 9 blue m&ms what fraction of the m&ms are orange

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