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chemistry help urgent

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Please can someone help me before i pull all my hair out i've been struggling with this for about a week
i need to polymerize this compound and draw the structural formula it needs to contain three monomer units and i need to state the polemerization involved in forming the polymer
please help me!


Sarah--Sorry to keep you waiting but I had to find the answer. I'm not an organic chemist and this stuff was too messy for me to feel confident that I was giving you the correct answer. I have a friend who has a Ph. D. in organic chemistry and has taught organic for about 30 years so I emailed him. His answer follows:
"I suspect this alcohol is dehydrated to 1,3 butadiene which subsequently polymerizes. Three units would look like this:

1,3 butadiene is CH2=CHCH=CH2 is the monomer."

I think if you redrew the structure like this--
CH2=CHCH(OH)CH3 it will be easier to see. Or like this.
The H on the alcohol combines with one of the Hs on the terminal CH3 to eliminate H2O and form the double bond between C-3 and C-4.
I hope this helps.

I see the spacing didn't turn out right.
I will try again.

Still not quite right BUT I think you can tell what is going on.

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