Quantum Physics

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Has anyone done Block 7-8 for TMA 6 for s103 - discovering Science, as i am struggling big time, any help would be much appreciated

yes i am like you really phased by this how much of the tma have you managed to do

Me, too what r u stuck on? I have been doing really well but this TMA is tough. Answered everything up to question 5 parts b and c, struggling with polymers and monomer units. Don't know if my answers r right so far but will help if I can.

i am also stuck on that, im stuck on q4 part a and b actually im not too sure on any of it actually lol

i am also stuck on that, im stuck on q4 part a and b actually im not too sure on any of it actually lol

Havent started the TMA as of yet still reading and taking notes from the text books.
But currently finding it difficult to get in to. Any help or advice would be fantastic. Thank you

tolmanbert A.T hot mail. C O M, if you could send me info on how you have learnt this TMA and on how you managed to answer the question for this assignment.

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