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Can anyone help I have to write an equation a structural formula for a reaction between the following, having some trouble working it out. Hopefully you can understand the way I have put it.

CH2=CH-CH-OH there is a CH3 with single bond under CH next to OH


CH3-CH-CH2-C to one side a =O of C
and -OH to other (carboxylic acid) there is also a CH3 with single bond under the CH.

I know the functional groups are alcohol in first group and carboxylic acid in second. I was wondering about the double bonded carbon what role it plays in the equation. I think they go through a condensation reaction to produce H2O and an ester. I am not very clued up on what these compounds are, new to the subject. Can anyone help me to complete the equation and identify the compounds please, would be very grateful for any help I can get guys!

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