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How will the osmotic preassure of an aqueous solution change as evaporation occurs?
A.The osmotic preassure will increase.
B.The osmotic preassure will not change.
C.The osmotic preassure will decrease.
D.The osmotic preassure will increase or decrease until it equals the vapor preassure of water.

Reverse Osmosis will decrease because of the lack of preassure due to evaporation, this leads me to believe that the osmotic pressure will also decrease.Can someone help me if I am not thinking this question correctly, many thanks in advance.

I don't think your thinking is in order.
osmotic pressure = MRT.
Now, what happens to the concentration (M) when evaporation occurs? And that's your asnwer.

The concetration would decrease because is a aqueous solution.?!?!?!?!

If I put 1 g NaCl in 1 L of water in an open dish and I place the solution on the kitchen table, what happens? The water evaporates, of course. As the water evaporates, does the NaCl solution increase or decrease in concentration. Think concentration = g/L. As L gets smaller, concentration gets ___________.

concentration gets bigger, so osmotic preassure would get bigger. I am sorry I don't understand this very well.

That exactly correct. You must learn to reason things through. Think things through. Knowing
p=MRT, then as evaporation occurs, M(concentration) gets larger, and MRT gets larger, of course, and p gets larger.

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