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Thanx alot again. Writeacher, Jenna, jk1115, for all your help thank you so much.

Introduction: Topic: male/female communication
Comparison of two articles (state article names)
state thesis...
i need help on this...

What are the titles of the two articles? What main ideas are in each of those articles?

Your thesis statement needs to state in one sentence the main idea of your paper. Here are the best webpages I've found about writing good thesis statements:

Please re-post when you have this information ready.


Man To Man Women To Women and His Talk/ Her talk this to chapter i have to read and write essay on that with giving a topic.
Introduction: Topic: male/female communication
Comparison of two articles (state article names)
state thesis...

thats the HW and due is 2moro i m so worried and i havt started yet plz help...

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