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Math2[Please Check Again]

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a^2-9 a^2-3a
----- * --------
a^2 a^2+a-12
What I Got:
*Please Check My Work.*


factor the denominator to a^2(a+4)(a-3)
The last factor divides out in the numerattor (second term factors to a(a-3). The a in the numerator reduces the denominaor a^2 term

I lost you afterthe last factor divides out the numerator.Which one?

In the numerator, either term will give you a-3 when factored.

So then:

Did you get your answer yet? Do you understand now?

No.-Can you help me please Mack.?

Margie,do you needy helpy?Do you speak espanol?

¿Sí, hablo español por qué?

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