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When it comes to conversation, husband and wives often have problems that close friends of the same sex don't have. First, they may not have much to talk about, and second when they do talk. misunderstanding s often developed that lead to major fights. our research concludes that these problems are particularly resistant to solution. Not only do men and woman like to talk about different topics, spoken language serves different function for the sexes.

Our findings are based on responses to a nationally distributed questionnaire, in-depth interviews and observation of same sex conversation. we found much variation within each gender and no verbal absolutes to differentiate the sexes. but whether we look at topics of conversation or at the role language plays for each gender, we see enough difference to explain why men and women are, to use Lillian Rubin's book title "intimate strangers".

one hundred sixty-six women and 110 men, ranging in age from 17 to 80, returned a questionnaire asking how often they discussed each of 22 topics with friends of the same sex. for some topics there is little difference work, movie and television are, in that order, frequent topics of conversation for both sexes. on the other female friends report more talk them do men about relationship problems, family health and reproductive concerns, weight food and clothing. Men's talk is more likely then women's to be about music, current event and sports.

this is the only three part out of 7 parts in this chapter...Man TO Man Woman To Woman.
thanx again all of you replying my message thanx a lot.

i need help in this English class 151A home work assignment Man To Man, Woman To Woman. i have to write essays on this topic....plz help and thanx all for your reply..

I don't get the directions....

Your assignment is still not clear. What does "Man to Man, Woman to Woman" mean?



I agree... what is Man to Man, Woman to Woman??

well i have this book, "Texts and Contexts, A contemporary Approach to college writing"
in this book i have to read chapter "Man To Man,Woman To Woman" and i have to write essay on that....

Oh, okay now I get it! Except that I can't help you without reading the chapter myself! Sorry!

In that chapter, are there different stories or essays? If so, what are the titles?


Deborah Tannen and John Gray are two authors who have written on the interaction and communication (including miscommunication) between men and women as contrasted with men/men and women/women conversations.








but what the hell does " man to man and woman to woman" mean??!?!?!?

sorry san i really can't help you with this i am really sorry !!!!!!!!


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