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Hi, could someone please tell me how I would go about working these out: (the answer must be in the form a(sqroot)b where a and b are integers and b is as small as possible.)

1) Simplify (sqroot)500
2) Simplify (sqroot)50 x (sqroot)60


Simplify the following fractions so that there is no root in the denominator:

Thankyou so much!

1) sqrt500 =sqrt(25 x4 x 5)
=(sqrt 25)x(sqrt4)x (Sqrt5)
=5 x 2 x (sqrt5)
therefore a=10 and b=5

2) sqrt50 xsqrt60 =Sqrt300
=sqrt25 x sqrt4 x sqrt3
=5 x 2 x sqrt3
therefore a=10 and b=3

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