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The following statement describes, in random order, events during the transmission of a nerve impulse. Use them to answer the next \g question(s).
Event 1: Positive ions flow into the neuron.
Event 2: The resting potential of the cell membrane is restored.
Event 3: The cell membrane becomes more permeable to Na+ than to K+.
Event 4: More positive ions accumulate on the outside than on the inside of the neuron.
Event 5: The ion pumps transport Na+ out of the neuron and K+ into the neuron.
1. Which order of events first describes the resting membrane and then the sequence of events as a nerve impulse occurs?

a) 1,3,4,5,2
b) 1,5,3,4,2
c) 4,3,1,5,2
d) 4,5,3,4,2
My answer is A

2. The events from the statement that describe polarization, depolarization, and repolarization respectively are
a) 1,4,2
b) 1,5,2
C) 4,1,2
d) 4,5,1
my asnwer is D
are these correct??

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