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Math Repost!!Please Help!!!!

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well it should simplify to


which then changes to y(6-y)

which then equals y(6-y)=0

then you set both parts equal to zero and solve for xero

y=0 and/or (6-y)=0
so y=0 or y=6

Did you mean for this problem to be this:

6 - y
y^2 - 2y - 24

If so, factor wherever you can in order to reduce as much as you can.

The denominator as I typed it will factor this way:
(y - 6)(y + 4)

Now we have this:

6 - y
(y - 6)(y + 4)

Factor out -1 in the numerator:

-1(y - 6)
(y - 6)(y + 4)

You can cancel out (y - 6) in both the numerator and denominator to reduce.

You are then left with this:

(y + 4)

And that's as far as we can go here!

I hope this helps and is what you were asking.

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