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Research paper

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would anyone help me out i have to do a research paper conducting a compare and contrast of two religions. Can anyone be kind enough to give me an outline set up for this kind of paper. I have the information on both relgions but I don't know how to do the set up what i mean is the outline.

I appreciate any help.

Here is a good webpage on outlining:

And here is one on comparison/contrast writing:

Your outline could probably look something like this, expanding sections II, III, and IV depending on how much information you have.

I. Intro and thesis statement
II. Religion A specifics
A. Subtopic about Religion A
B. Second subtopic about Religion A
C. Third subtopic about Religion A
III. Religion B specifics
A. Subtopic about Religion B
B. Second subtopic about Religion B
C. Third subtopic about Religion B
IV. Commonalities
V. Conclusion


This is awsome help one question what does commonalities mean?
when you mean religion specific do you mean by the religion summary of what it is?

Sections II and III would be where you discuss the contrasts (how each is different); Section IV is where you'd discuss the comparison (what they have in common).

In Section II, you'd discuss only the specific beliefs and practices in Religion A (no mention of B). In Section III, you'd discuss only Religion B (no mention of A).

Make sense??


YES, thank you so much for your help. you've giving me a light in my darkness.

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