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How would you calculate the diameter of an oil molecule.A droplet of oil of given volume (cm cubed)is dropped onto a surface of water and spreads to fill area (cm square).The thickness of water is equal to the diameter of the molecule.Is there a formula to used to find this relationship.note only volume/area given.

If V is the spherical drop volume,X the monomolecular layer thickness and A is the area of the water surface covered with oil, then, since the volume of oil stays the same,

V = A X and

X = V/A

The dimensions will be cm. It should turn out be be about 2*10^-8 cm

hi this is part of tma 06 isnt it
i was stuck but i worked it out to be
vol = l x w x h
0.05 cm3 = 20 x 20 xh
h = 0.05 / 40
h = 1.25 x 10 -3 cm3

i hope that helps you
if you want we could help each other out on this tma as im finding it really hard

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