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I need a shor proposal for a business project of any kind

Try this site for guidelines.!hc_how_to_write_a_proposal.cfm?

  • Project Management -

    Offices: Boston, Chicago, Memphis, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Orlando

    Location of Event: Miami

    Travel Days: To Miami on Sunday, Returning from Miami on Saturday.

    Travel Means: Air or Private Auto, whichever is convenient and reasonable. Autos must be shared.

    Lodging: All attendees must stay at a major resort hotel.

    Meals: Paid by the corporation at the hotel or per diem. Attendance at Recognition Banquet is required.

    Training: 20 hours of training are required.

    Attendees: One of each of the following classifications, from each location: Programmer, Analyst, Service, Marketing, Sales, and Installations.

    Schedule: In addition to the 20 hours of required training, allow 20 hours of daytime recreation/free time.

    Dress: Business casual for training and the Recognition Banquet.

    Dates: Mid to late July.

    Create a network diagram using the Activity on the Arrow format using the above information.

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