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I need to write a short toungue twister. With a word describing me. and then my name followed my adjectives. using the letter B in as many words as posiible. Have any ideans.... im kind . hard working resposible lovingcaring . etc etc. Have any ideas for me.. ?? __________ Bradley busily _______________etc etc etc


Like that?

You can use http://www.thesaurus.com to come up with synonyms. For example, look up "caring" and see if there are any synonyms that start with a letter you want to use.


Start with "brilliant"
the think of verbs that start with B...
After you find the verbs you like, think of nouns that might be objects of those verbs... example: bakes biscuits <G> You might even find a nifty adjective to describe the noun. "bakes buttery biscuits".

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