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I personally think this is a terrific journal.Good job.Think you can reply to mine.?

Plz help to revise this journal, thanks!

The English-121 is my first course that taken in college. Even though I have taken AP courses before, I still feel something differences when taking this real college level course.
As every first class in high school, the process of the first class here is almost the same: instructor distributes the syllabus and policy of this course, as well as explains the details to us. Before we introduce ourselves to classmates, my instructor, Ms. Arney introduces her to us first. I am glad that I have a newspaper writer as a teacher to teach me how to write, since I was a magazine editor in my high school, but never have the opportunity to be coached by a professional writer. I think a professional writer may have a different way from a regular teacher to teach English like those are in high school. I am eager for my classes in the future.
It is our turn to introduce us. After everyone is done, I found that there are different kinds of students are sitting in a classroom, which differs from high school. Some of them are from high school, some of them are college students, and some of them even already have full time jobs. I think these diverse groups can bring various opinions and ideas to the classroom because all of us have different experiences. Therefore, this special diversity will create a nice atmosphere in an English class.
I enjoy the first college class in HCC. I think the three months will make me have a further understanding in English writing.

I personally think this is not a terrific journal, but I will still reply yours question.

I really htink this is brilliant! Good luck.

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