Poetry: The Next War Wilfred Owen

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I'm having trouble analyzing the second verse. The first one talks about the different ways that death has faced soldiers. I think that the second one is about future of wars? maybe... Also what is the importance of the quote from Siegried Sassoon at the beginning. It's kind of got me lost.

Sassoon and Owen

The poem is a sonnet -- 8 lines, then a slight shift in topic for the next 6 lines.

Overall, think about this: Up to that point, young men (particularly in Europe, I think, but perhaps other places, too) were brought up to believe that it was noble and right to die for one's country. This seems to be the sentiment he's writing about in "The Next War" until you get to the last line. What are men really giving their lives for?

Compare your poem with the last 6-9 lines of this poem by Owen to get perspective: http://www.hcu.ox.ac.uk/jtap/warpoems.htm#12

Let me know if you have further questions or thoughts.


  • Poetry: The Next War Wilfred Owen -

    what is the theme of the poem.

  • Poetry: The Next War Wilfred Owen -

    The theme of this poem is a look to the future where men would war against death to save lives.

  • Poetry: The Next War Wilfred Owen -

    what is the imagery in the poem?

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