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Here is the web site for a very good periodic table. Look for element #116, Uuh. Elements in the periodic table have similar chemical properties if they are in the same group. Therefore, the chemistry of S and Se should be similar to that of Uuh. So the hydride and fluoride should be about the same formula as you might find for S or Se.

don't understand how you find the hydride and fluoride

do you have a formula


The element Uuh should have a similar chemistry to the other elements in that group; that is, S, Se, etc. If you know what the hydride of S and Se are and the fluoride of S and Se are, then you should be able to make an educated guess as to the formula for UuhFx and UuhHx.

When you go to the web site to look at the periodic table, click on S and Se and see what the hydrides and fluoride formulas are. They are listed there.

is it UuhF6 and H2Uuh?

but i'm guessing and can't explain how i got there

Sure you can. And you aren't guess although you may be making an educated guess. Uuh is in the same column as O, S, Se, Po, etc.
We write H2O for water. H2S for hydrogen sulfide, H2Se for hydrogen selenide. I would make an educated guess that this would be H2Uuh.

I know sulfur forms SF6 so I would go with UuhF6 as an educated guess.

Thank you x

Gemma, I used to live in the IOW till 2005. maybe we know each other.

I used to live on the isle of wight too, went to the college there and lived their for 9 years.

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