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I need to take some following samples of these:
*a hydrocarbon w/a molecular mass greater than 100 g/mo
*something w/ L-carvone or D-carvone in it
*a non-electrolyte that dissloves in water
*something w/a pressure greater than 2.o atom
*a proton donor
can you help me??

Go down the post list about 13 or 14 questions (not counting any answers) and look for a post by desperate. Bob Pursley answered that question with some good advice as well as some answers.

a proton donor is an acid.
Look on the labels of bottles you have in the house.
Is a soft drink bottle under 2 atm pressure from the CO2.
sugar is a non-electrolyte. Is it soluble in water?

oh thanks!!

wait so what would be an example of an acid? in bottles?

vinegar? a dilute solution of acetic acid.

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