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Two horizontal forces act on a 2.4 kg chopping block that can slide over a frictionless kitchen counter, which lies in an xy plane. One force is F1 = (3.4 N) i + (3.7 N) j. Find the acceleration of the chopping block in unit-vector notation for each of the following second forces:
F2 = (-3.4 N) i + (-3.7 N) j

F2 = (-3.4 N) i + (3.7 N) j

F2 = (3.4 N) i + (-3.7 N) j

In vector notation;

Force= mass*acceleration

acceleration= Force/mass

add the vector forces, divide bymass

example, the last:
Ftotal=F1 + F2
= 3.4 i + 3.7 j + 3.4i - 3.7 j
= 6.8 i

acceleration= 6.8/2.4 i

  • Physics -

    a = (F1 + F2) / m

    where a, F1, & F2 are in vector notation

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