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the oxide formed when selenium burns in air dissolves in water to give a solution of selenious acid,H2SeO3.the solution conducts electricity and turns blue litmus paper identify the positively charged ion present in an aqueous solution of the acid and then using the answer write a balanced chemical equation for the breakdown of selenious acid in water and deduce the charge on the other ion that is formed

The litmus paper test tells you the solution is an acid and that identifies the positive ion as hydrogen ion (or hydronium ion if you prefer). I will leave the equation for you to write and balance. Post your work if you want us to check it.

is this the correct balanced equation for selenious acid in water if so please help me understand why it works out as such

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    how does litmus paper identify the soluion?

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    What will be the effect on the colour of blue litmus paper when it is dropped in each of the following solution. 1. Water 2. Lime juice 3. Dilute hydrochloric acid 4. Sodium hydroxide solution.

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