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what is the atomic number of ununhexium and the full symbol

is this a transitional element that is a metal and what is its highest hydride and highest fluoride of ununhexium


What is known about Uuh can be found here. Look for element number 116. Go to

thanks i found that a great help

hi are u doing S103?

well im trying to do it before i realy stert the course later in the year, getting some practise in

i thought so ,how are u finding the questions,im afraid im rubbish at chemistry lol so not finding this part easy

yes it is hard im stuck on q3 and q4

any help would be helpful

hi mickey i am sorry i didn't notice you had replyed it would be good to discus it would u be into chatting over the phone

The answer is on page 114 in the book. (I take it you're doing the OU S103 ... )

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