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please read my introduction for media bias.

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This is my introduction to my essay for media bias in television news.

The primary source of political information in America is the media. [Media bias is a way to represent different people in a certain way based on their own views.] A certain degree of political bias exists in every news station’s broadcasts. Using specific evidence, language, and tone, these stations try to persuade viewers to agree with their points of view. Television news today no longer exists without some extent to media bias and is presented to a certain audience, edited to easily to influence the viewer’s opinion, and is showed to force the viewer to adopt the same political views as the media. Of these television broadcasts, the [M.S.N.B.C] news, the [F.O.X.] news, and the [B.B.C.] news all apply to some type of bias. The M.S.N.B.C has been criticized for being conservative, F.O.X. news is also biased in favor of conservatives, and B.B.C. news is rarely known for bias.

the second sentence i put in brackets, how do i say that in a better way or should i not say that all. i will send my other paragraphs later. thank you

i put all the news stations in by putting periods between them because when i post my question, it says that i'm not allowed to put interenet addresses

see above.

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