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I need to make an egg protection device using only sipping straws and duct tape. Any ideas? I was thinking of making a parachute but how would I do that with just tape and straws?

i've done that before..

wrap the egg all the way around with straws with the egg in the middle of the straws' length... and then duct tape both ends of the straws together.. ... this will look like a 'snake that just ate an egg' ..... and then wrap the first batch straws with more straws.. forming a diamond shape around the first batch of straws... i know its difficult explaining it through writing... just create something so that the outside straws becomes the 'shock absorber' when it falls to the ground.

a parachute wouldnt work.

and the more duct tape u use... the more weight is placed on the device and more force upon impact... so use less duct tape.. (dont wrap the entire device with duct tape)

yeah. so hopefully that should work. :)


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