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What is the sum of the following four vectors in unit-vector notation? For that sum, what are
(b) the magnitude,
(c) the angle in degrees, and
(d) the angle in radians?

E: 6.36 m at +0.90 rad
F: 4.52 m at -75 °
G: 3.31 m at +1.20 rad
H: 5.4 m at -210 °

[[[Warning! Make a graphical solution first so you will know what quadrant your resultant lies in.]]]

(a) ______ i + ______ j
(b) magnitude = ______ m
(c) angle = ______ degrees
(d) angle = ______ radian

I will be happy to check your answers, or critique your thinking. We don't do tests for students.

it's not a test. just a hw assignment one of a bunch of questions im stuck on.


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