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Find four solutions for the equation

so the equation will turn to be
y=-(3)/(5)x+ (3)

and when i do the table i get these points for the solution



Let me give you a help.

Take the slope, denominator. 5. Now make each x an multiple of 5, say 0,5, 10, 15, -5
It makes it so easy to multiply in your head.

Find four solutions for the equation

Assuming you are seeking integer answers:

Dividing through by 3 yields x + y + 2y/3 = 5

2y/2 must be an integer as does y/3 so y/3 = k making y = 3k.

Substituting, 3x + 15k = 15 making x 5 - 5k


The only positive solutions exist between (5,0) and (0,3)on the line defined by y = (15 - 3x)/5

There are no integer solutions between these two points but there are an infinite number of rational solutions.



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