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The new meta description for is:

Students get free homework help from teachers and experts on message boards and chat rooms. Website also features educational articles in math, science, social studies and literature.

It will probably take Google a couple weeks to update the description.

That sounds good to me. I think traffic will increase.

How are the chat rooms going to work? I love the way this whole site is developing.


NIFTY!!! I really think it will draw more students...and whooopeeee chat rooms!

Great, Leo! Thank you for changing the Google description.

I just Googled "homework help" and Jiskha is number 8. Yay! We're moving up.

I also checked the first 30 listings and didn't find any site that offered free and (nearly) immediate individual help to students. Although a few libraries are listed that offer this service in a live setting, these libraries have paid for the tutoring. Students must have a library card for that district in order to access this service.

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