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For my midterm I was given a list of DBQ topics that she will pick from to give to us. I wrote the question below and I don't have the documents yet, but I have a general outline and I'm hoping people on this site can give me opinions and some more substance to my ideas. Thanks!

"In what ways and to what extent did constitutional and social developments between 1860 and 1877 amount to a revolution?"

I thought I could talk about changes with former slaves. I'm very confused on how to structure this essay. Some of my outline includes:
-13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
-KKK, sharecropping, black codes
-more African Americans elected to government positions, legislatures

What else can I talk about and how should I structure the essay? I definitely don't want one paragraph per amendment, that seems very stupid. Maybe a paragraph describing the amendments, a paragraph describing positive things that came through Reconstruction and a paragraph describing negative things?

First of all, the Civil War took place early in that time period (1861-1864). The Southern states' reactions that led to the war and the ensuing war itself could be considered a revolution, for sure. They were rebelling against laws that would not serve them and their way of livelihood.

You should definitely include what you named, but be sure not to omit the war itself.

Other teachers here may have further ideas for you.


thanks. but are those constitutional and social developments? i guess they can be considered social, but how could i incorporate that into my essay? and do you think the structure i came up with would work?

I have that same question for a DBQ due wednesday, and our teacher told us to talk about the shift in the government... like how the states now had to follow the same rules as the federal (protecting citizens rights and everything) I'm still not sure what im gunna write either though

  • AP US History DBQ Question -


  • AP US History DBQ Question -

    good day!

  • AP US History DBQ Question -

    TODAY IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AP US History DBQ Question -

    haha, my teacher gave us this DBQ to do over winter break! I have two pages done, and now I'm stuck!!!

  • AP US History DBQ Question -

    Biggie Smalls knows da answer gimme da lut gimme da lut na sayin

  • AP US History DBQ Question -

    @apush student
    lol same, except that I havent started xD

  • AP US History DBQ Question -

    My teacher gave us this topic as an IN CLASS FRQ... I'm so mad about it.

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