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Solve the conjunction -2<or=a+3<8
Here is my result :5<or = a<5

Graph y>or=2x+1

Given the pair of inequalities
y<3/2x+3 graph their solution set
Thanks Danielle

For the first one, it's probably just a typo, but it should be -5<or=a<5

For the graph, the equation is in y=mx+b form, so b is the y-intercept. Since b=1, that means that the line hits the y-axis at (0,1). You need another point to make the line, so find the x-intercept by making y=0. Solve for x and you should get -1/2, so the point where it crosses the x-axis is (-1/2,0). This is a solid line because it is <or= not just <. So, shade above the line and make sure the line is solid.

For the next problem, draw both lines but don't shade yet. Both of these lines should be dotted, because it is not <or= or >or=. Shade above the first line but only if it is also below the second line.

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