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A few of you have noted that Google's description of is ineffective on the search results. It currently reads:

Articles, games, humor and puzzles for many school areas including art, computers, English, foreign languages, health, home economics, mathematics, music, ...

I can change this description by using a meta tag on What do you think the description should read? I was thinking someone like the following:

Free homework help where more than 200 experts volunteer their time to assist students, over 4,000 students receive help with homework everyday, and thousands of educational articles provide guidance and support with those late-night assignments.


sounds cool -

Sounds good -- much more accurate.


writeteacher can you help me with something?

Please post a question in a New Question form, Margie.



ok thanks.

I think it is much more accurate than the current posting by Google. I think it will increase traffic as well.

It sounds closer to what I see that Jiskha is all about. Could you also include something like -- individual homework help given in a message board format.?

That sounds MUCH better...and Ms.Sue's suggestion hits it right on the nose.

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