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stats help please

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Suppose that one of every 100 people ina certain community is infected with HIV. You want to identify an HIV-positive person ina study of an experimental new drug. How many individuals would you expect to have to interview in order to find the first person who is HIV-positive?

I have to see if this is a geometeric distribution or not. For it to be a geometric, the rules are:

1) each observation fall into one of just 2 categories, which for convienience we call "success" or failure."
2) All observations are independent
3) the probabilipt of a success is the same for each observation.
4) The variable of interest is the number of trials required to obtain the first success.

My answer: I think the answer is yes because the probability is the same for each observation which 1/100. the trials are independent and there is success of getting HIV and not getting a HIV patient


This does fit your definition of "a geometric."

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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