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U.S. Government--Need Help !

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I have this question on an assignment
and I need help.

Many believe that political parties
are incapable of serving as an avenue
for social progress because:

A. party positions change so frequently.

B. the leaders who draft party
platforms are generally out
of touch with the concerns
of most Americans.

C. party membership is essentially

D. parties are so concerned with
accomodating the middle of the
ideological spectrum.

I am debating between C OR D to be
the correct answer.
I may be wrong- if I am, can you
help, please?
Thank You!

I vote for D. Political parties need votes to survive. The best way of getting the most votes is to appeal to as many people as possible. Thus they tend toward the middle of the political spectrum.

I agree with Ms. Sue about D. Next best could be C -- since many people vote according to their own thoughts rather than a "straight party ticket."


The answer is D. I found it in my textbook. I have the same exact question in my US Govenment class.

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