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i am clueless about this:
(#1)What expression raised to the fourth power is 81x^12y^8z^16?

(#2)Simplify each of the following expressions. Write your answers with positive exponents only.
(x^2)^-3(x^-2) divided by (x^2)^-4

#1 answer (3x^3)(y^2)(z^4)
because 3^4=81
(x^3)^4=x^12 multiply powers
(y^2)^4=y^8 "
(z^4)^4=z^16 "

#2answer is 1
because (x^2)^-3=x^-6 mulityply powers
(x^-6)(x^-2)=x^-8 add powers
(x^2)^-4=x^-8 multiply powers

(x^-8)/(x^-8)= x^0 subtract powers and any number to the power of zero is 1

thank you for explaining them to me.

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