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U.S. Government Question

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I have one more question that I would
appreciate your help with.

In representing the Bank of the
United States in McCulloch v. Maryland,
attorney Daniel Webster argued that
Maryland could not tax a branch of the
bank because operating the bank was an
action by Congress that was:

A. expressly mandated by the
Constiution and therefore,
Maryland could not interfere.

B. ordered by the president and
therefore, Maryland would have
to sue the White House to collect
the tax.

C. necessary to carry out powers
that were expressly delegated
to Congress in the Constiution
and therefore, Maryland could
not interfere.

D. proper to raise monies for war,
and therefore Maryland's claim
would have to be dismissed.

I know the answer is number A or C.
But I am thinking the lawyer for
Maryland's side argued number 3.
So, that would leave the correct answer to be (A)
Nevertheless, I am confused. Please
give me some input.

would someone please help?

Please,someone help me!!!!!!!!!!

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