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Chemistry Check

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The Synthesis of hydrogen chloride is written H2+Cl2==>2HCl. 3L of hydrogen are used and all gasses are at STP. The volume of HCL produced in the reaction would be _______ L.

would the answer be 5.96?

Three liters of H2 yields six liters of HCl, from the balanced equation. I don't know how you got 5.96.
From the balanced equation, each liter of H2 gives 2 liters of HCl. I suspect you turned the volume of H2 to moles, then moles of HCl, then back to volume of HCl. No need to do that: All gasses have the same number of moles in the same volume at the same pressure, temp.

oooh- so i wasted time doing all that- Thanks!!

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