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I Tried looking these up on the dictionary for Jiskha it didn't help please help..

matching PLEASE HELP?
1. labor force.
2. open shop
3. yellow dog contract.
4. flextime.
5. job discriminiation
7. minimum wage.
8. right-to-work law.
9. collective bargaining.
10. union recognition.
a. lowest legal wage an employer can pay.
b. labor's most powerful weapon.
c. makes it illegal to require workers to join a union.
d. union and management negotiations.
e. individuals, 16 yr of age or older, working or looking for work.
f. a promise not to join a union.
g. both union and nonunion workers are allowed.
h. any of a variety of work schedule arrangements.
i. acceptance of a union as sole bargianing age3nt for the workers in a shop.
j. favoring one group over another in hiring salary, or promotion.

go to dictionary . com it has all the words there for you.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Notice that the title contains the word HELP. First of all, you need to DO what you can and then we can help you. True, some of these are easier than others but you learn best by doing first.

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