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With respect to the 31 amendments (of
the Constitution)that have been proposed
by Congress,which statement is true?

1.Only 25 have been ratified
2.The Eighteenth Amendment which makes
selling liquor illegal was ratified
and is still a valid law.
3.The Equal Rights Amendment took the
longest to become ratified.
4.The Sixteenth Amendment was ratified
and gave Congress the power to
collect income tax.

Please help with this question,
I need help with homework quick!!

Try the process of elimination while looking at a listing of the amendments:

For #1 --
How many amendments are there? (XXVII = ??)

For #2 --
Look at Amendment XVIII

For #3 --
Read all the "titles" of the Amendments and decide.

For #4 --
Look at Amendment XVI

Let me know if you need help reading Roman numerals.


the answer would be:

(4) The Sixteenth Amendment was ratified
and gave Congress the power to collect
income tax. Correct?
Thank you for your help!!




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