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Hello, my teacher gave me the assignment of writing a essay about the book I picked to read. The essay is suppose to be a personal opinion to the author or to the book. I am confuse on what to write about. What does it mean, by a personal opinion, do I use first person when writing it? Can you please an example of a personal opinon to any book?

The City of the Beasts was a very good book, and was amazingly well-written. I can relate to Nadia, for the bond between her and her monkey is much like that of me and my own cat. Though it was an awesome book, I still prefer more magical stories with fairies and wizards.

That is just an example, and clipping from one of my own essays.

yes you use first person because you're talking about your self. Your personal opinion reflects on how you feel about a story or book you just read. Tell if you liked the book or not then write down examples from the story to better help your self reflect on how much you liked the book or not.

I liked Toby the Wandering Dog. It was full of adventure, kept me excited and on the edge of my seat. The sentences were short, the print large, and there were lots of pictures. Books without pictures stink.

Express your feelings and what you observed about the work, being an honest critic. Be somewhat more thoughtful that I was about Toby the Wandering Dog. Amplify your reasoning.

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