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Gurublue and Writeacher tried to explain to me foil but I didn't understand and I unfortunetly still do not. I need to find the characterisitcs that are being brought out in Julius Ceaser [II.I]between Ligarus and Brutus. I don't understand. I know many people ask me to express my ideas, I simply have none. I do not know what foil is and I don't understand. Could you give me a definition and example in a sentence please using Julius Ceaser [II.I]

Since I have not seen your original posting I have no idea if you mean "foil" as a verb or as a noun. As a verb a synonym is "defeat" or "frustrate" and as a noun it is a "saber" or "fencing sword/blade." Perhaps you have heard the expression "curses, foiled again" meaning that someone lost or was defeated.

I mean a foil as in the foil of two characters.

Thank you for explaining that. Here then is a definition: someone or something that serves as a contrast to another. When you encounter a word that you do not fully understand, look at ALL the meanings in a good dictionary. In this case the word is a noun, and you will need to understand the part of speech plus the context, or exactly how the word is used.

Everyone say the same thing, a contrast. I don't understand. Coudl you please provide an example.


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