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what does it mean when they want the historical figures and events. Can you provide me with what should the answer consist of towards what they are looking for. so i can look for it.

also for central believes does that mean they want their main believe not all of them.

The are looking for what happened in history, the events and people involved.

For instance: Historical figures and events for Gettysburg.

First, the armies and generals would be mentioned. Then Lincoln.

Central belief: The core beliefs of the religion. Maybe list four or five.

this is what i have so far or should i ad some more for the part on central believes.

For who: Central believe:
Hinduism= Dharma and Mokesha

Buddhism=Is to break the cycles of death and birth their ultimate goal is to achieve freedom from the cycle of reincarnation and attain nirvana.

Confucianism= is attaining harmony with the social enviornment.

Daoism = Is that each person must follow his or her own path to Tao or "way of life"

The For Who you listed makes no sense, and in fact is wrong if you think Hinduism has as its central belief Dharma and Mokesha.

Hinduism centers around a variety of practices that are meant to help one experience the Divinity that is everywhere and realise the true nature of the Self (atman).

Part of the Buddha’s teachings regarding the holy life and the goal of liberation is constituted by the "The Four Noble Truths", which focus on dukkha, a term that refers to suffering or the sorrow of life. The Four Noble Truths regarding suffering state what is its nature, its cause, its cessation, and the way leading to its cessation. This way to the cessation of suffering is called "The Noble Eightfold Path", which is one of the fundamentals of Buddhist virtuous or moral life.

Relook the ideas in Confucianism and daoism. Pay attention to what Li , Hsiao ,Yi, Xin, Jen, and Chung mean.

In the Tao central belief, you really missed the point. Are you just making this stuff up?

no, i'm not making this stuff is what i understood in the websites in regards to these religions that's why after i read it and think what is the answer i send it here for approval that's the reason why i am here for help. Religion is a very tuff study to do and understand.

Kailin, I think your teacher wants you to study the history of each of these religions.

The WHO are the people who founded and were important in their history. For instance, Buddha is the most important person in Buddhist history. He is the WHO!

Who was the founder of Confucianism?


The person who started (founded) Confucianism was the man named Confucius.

Shantung Province was the place where Confucius lived.

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