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I need to write an essay outline on "phishing."

(Phishing is a form of identity theft where a scammer sends someone an email that appears to be from a legitamite organization and then tricks him/her into providing personal information like PIN numbers, passwords and credit cards.)

I need help with writing a thesis. I think I'm supposed to take a stand on phishing, and make sure that it's something people can argue about but I don't think many people will argue that phishing is don't get it.

I also need to examine social/political/economical issues and within each of these I need to examine legality/morality/ethics. I'm okay with the s/p/e but I need help examining legality/morality/ethics. I don't understand them...

Thanks for your help,

Argue something about phishing:

Argue that is just plain fraud, and should be treated as such.

Argue that it is a special crime, a personal attack on an indiviual.

Argue that it is insidious, and should be considered as such.

Argue anything, the point of the assignment is to get you to think and write.

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