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which inequality is tge solution of 6x negative 3 greater than or = to 7 plus 4x?
a.}x is greater than or =to negative 5
b.}x is greater than or= to 5
c.}x is less than or = to 5
d.}x is less than or = to negative 5

Your problem:

6x - 3 ≥ 7 + 4x

Solve an inequality like you would an equation, with one exception. Whenever you multiply or divide by a negative number, reverse the inequality sign.

Start by getting the variable on one side.

Subtract 4x from both sides. Whatever operation you do to one side, you must do to the other side as well.

6x - 4x - 3 ≥ 7 + 4x - 4x

2x - 3 ≥ 7

Can you take it from here to finish?

I hope this will help.

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