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i made some corrections for the previous postage can you check those when you get a chance please. Also
for this one:
my options of answers are:
A)2y + 6/3
B)3x- 6 /2
C)2 + 2y
D)2/3y + 6

Directions: Solve for x: 3x - 2y =6
3x - 2y = 6
+2y +2y

3x = 6 +2y
-- ------
3 3

so my answer for x would be:

2y + 6 divided by 3, which will be answer letter A.

Answers A and C appear to be the same to me. The correct answer is (6+2y)/3 =2+2y (or 2y+2).

I don't get it. can you explain to me when you get a little chance please.

Expressions such as "I don't get it" don't tell me much. What don't you get? Be specific. I was simply saying I thought both answer A and answer C were the same. Don't you think they are the same? Since you picked answer A you are correct.

what i don't get is when you said about the following:
Answers A and C appear to be the same to me. The correct answer is (6+2y)/3 =2+2y (or 2y+2).

and then you said that the answer is what i had answer A. This is why i'm confused

because in the answer option there is one that says 2 +2y

You are correct. The answer is A and you are also right that A and C are not the same.

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