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Math(radicals or square roots)

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i need a explanation for this equation:

5 radical(square root) 108 over 25

the 5 is in front of the square rooted number and it is a fraction


That is not an equation. It is a number.

It sounds like you are describing the fifth root of 108, divided by 25. It is not clear if the 25 is under the radical sign or not. If it isn't, then[108^(1/5)]/25 = 0.10203..

i'm supposed to simplify it not get a number like that and the five is outside the square root of 108 over 25, and in the question the 25 is under the radical sign. for example im going to use quotation marks as the radical


actually i gotta do factoring or then simplifying

I'm going to assume your problem is this: (5√108)/25

Find factors of 108 to simplify.
3 * 9 * 4 = 108
We can take the square root of 9 and the square root of 4.

We are left with: (5 * 3 * 2 * √3)/25
We can reduce to (6√3)/5

I hope this will help.

I just reread your problem again, and if it is this: 5√(108/25)
...then the outcome will be different.

This would be the same as (5√108)/(√25)
Square root of 25 is 5.

(5 * 3 * 2 * √3)/5 = 6√3

Again, I hope this will help.

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