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Definition of biological influences

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I need help with the definition of biological influences. I can do the rest of the assignment but if someone can help me with the understanding of biological influences it will help me finish the rest of my assignment. Thank you very much.

Think on these:
Why at puberty do suddenly boys seem attracted to girls?
Why at age thirty do childless women suddenly start to think of nest building?
Why do girls and women wear makeup, colorful clothes, or perfume? (Think of societies where it is still is done).

Biology determines hormones, desires, attractions (to food also). Biology determines even how we think and organize info (left brain vs right brain types).

Oh yes...Why are some folks right handed, and some left?

So biological influences can be said to be those that are gentically programed into an individual through genes and traits passed from one relative to another? It is the genetic programming that helps determine what tiggers such things as listed above? So biological influences are not due to the environmental factors, they can be triggered by environmental factors though?

Yes, on all questions.

Think about being in the mood for love...bright lights, or dim? Music or not? I am thinking of one treatment for depression also, light from a bright light overhead. Yes, environmental factors can trigger responses...albeit most of those triggers are biochemical (inherited mechanisms) also.

  • Definition of biological influences -

    What is biological influences?

  • Definition of biological influences -

    what are the biological factor that influence learning

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