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How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion?

Contemporary BUddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion by meditation which is like praying to their gods inorder to keep away the illnesses and evil. It helps the religion feel in their comfort zone the more the believe the better they will feel.

If this isn't correct can someone help me then what am i suppost to write.I am trying my best.

What you have stated does not answer the question.
What you have stated is just plain wrong.

To answer the question:
The key tenets identified by Buddhism are the four noble truths and the causality of phenomena.
Contemporary practices of seeking the truth have led Buddists into science, medicine, and literature. Buddists are very receptive to learning. Buddists are working in the conservation and Ecology movements, respecting all forms of life.

An interesting perspective on this question is here:

To correct your ideas on what Buddhists have as the goals of meditation see
(Broken Link Removed)

I hope no one here tells you what you are supposed to write. THat has to come from inside your mind. WHen we give you hints, or ideas, you are not supposed to write that as your own thinking. Doing that is cheating. We are here to try to help students, not do their work for them. Please stop posting requests for us to write out your answers. Thanks.

Where did you hear that is the reason Buddhists meditate? And I'm not asking to make fun of the answer at all...I am just curious if it is something you read or something you thought was right. (i.e. you know Buddhists meditate. A logical conclusion might be that meditation in Buddhism is the same as prayer in Christianity. So you might have tried to connect the two somehow).

Remember when you're writing about something completely new, keep investigating "why do they do that?" rather than assuming the answers. One good idea is to simply go to google and type your question in quotation marks. Rather than type in the words Buddha and Meditation, type in "Why do Buddhists meditate?" I did that and got 1,560 results.

But Bob is right. Follow more his thought of where the paper is headed. World Religions is a difficult subject. It was one of the harder religion courses I took in college. It was a full class and I think most non Theology students took it just to get (what they thought would be) an easy A. But if you keep asking about different rituals, "what are they trying to get from that?" it will become a lot easier.

I hope this helped you some. At least in terms of understanding how to approach the subject - even if I didn't provide a solid answer for what you're looking for.

Thank you VERY much for your responses, Matt, both here and earlier. I have only extremely basic knowledge (actually pretty close to zero) about Hinduism and Buddhism, and can comment only on the English part of it (proofing, etc.). I'm very happy someone here can help with the content.

Thank you again.


I actually found this board by googling "Theology Homework" I wanted to help others as much as I could. I have limited knowledge in certain subjects, but this is one area I love.

Glad to help out :)


I also thank you, Matt. Hope you continue to visit the Jiskha board regularly. Your help is much appreciated. :-)

How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion?

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    How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion

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    thanks for the best answer i've seen to date for a homework question. your answer is making me think critically about how i myself fit into this

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    Today, there are many different variations of Buddhism. Buddhism is not simply a religion or philosophy, but a way of life. Many people have incorporated Buddhism into their current traditions or religion.

    In any variation of Buddhism, the fundamental practices have remained unchanged. Karma, Ahimsa and Sangha are the basic doctrine of Buddhism and reflect the foundation of the religion.

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    This course is really diffucult and there are many good answers to the question . I just want to say in looking for ideas on appropriate ways to answering the question is what I ma looking for not to cut and paste someone elses work. I want to learn from this course and try and get an A.

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    I am Taking a religions course at UofP and had a disscussion Question so I looked on this site to get some Ideas and One person has posted their responce. It is the exact same as the responce Pat gave on Feb. 9 2009. I think that is seriously wrong.

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    Hey are you taking this course too? I like to look and see if I am on the right track with my answers and thoughts.. I cannot believe someone cut and pasted an answer from here in the board! discussion isn't that hard... it's just some of the question aren't very clear. Well good luck to you :)

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